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Meet And Greet?

Some people have asked about the purpose of our clothed Meet and Greet Dinners.  

Niagara Naturists is a non-landed nudist club that is based in the Buffalo/western New York region. We are a family oriented non-landed group of social nudist affiliated with the American Association for Nude Recreation. Members of this organization believe in the wholesomeness and natural beauty of the human body. We view nudism as a natural state and believe that nudity is healthy and acceptable for social interaction. We believe nudism results in a positive self image and promotes healthy attitudes towards people as individuals. Nudist CoupleOur purpose is to promote social nudism and provide a safe, comfortable environment where families may participate in and enjoy nude recreational and social activities. Membership is open to couples, families and single adults who agree with the goals and mission of the club and agree to abide by all club guidelines.

Niagara Naturists is a non-landed club and many events are held at the personal residences of its members.Nudist BeachAs such we have a responsibility to ensure the safety and well being of all members at our events but especially that of our children.

Events held at our member's homes are private and open only to Niagara Naturists members.  Event at other places such as the Luxury Nudist Lodge, are open to everybody.

Nude CruiseOur monthly clothed Meet and Greet dinners serve two purposes, one to allow members to keep in touch and share nudist experiences, and two, to meet new prospective members in a clothed environment which allows them to ask questions and get information regarding nude recreation.

Remember, anybody can come to our dinner meetings.  Please come, ask questions, and see what the club is all about.  All are welcome.  We will have membership applications available and also transfer applications if you are already AANR members. Membership rates are $51.00 per person. The student rate is $15.00 (18-25 year old with a valid student ID). A young person's membership (18-28) is $20.00. This less expensive than joining AANR as an associate member through the AANR web page. So by joining AANR through Niagara Naturists,  you not only help our club, but you save money. More information regarding membership can be found on our membership web page. 

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