Niagara Naturists News
January 23, 2016

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The next  Niagara Naturists clothed meet and greet will be held on February 20, 2016.  We are still working on a location.  Kevin, our assistant Certifying Officer, came up with some restaurants where we can meet without a group meeting charge. We have talked with them and will be visiting them this week.

One of our email subscribers had the following comment about the last newsletter on voyeurism.

Comment: If a so-called nudist is an exhibitionist (showing off erections) or voyeuristic (looking up women's crotches or soliciting for sex, male or female), then they are just a nude body and NOT a naturist/nudist. Nude body is the term I often use to separate their attitudes from nudist attitudes. Use it often.

 Niagara Naturists will be two years old in May.  We are going to try to have a nude members' event to celebrate.

We are now on Twitter!!  Follow us for up to the minute nudist news.  There are a huge number of nudist oriented twitter accounts out there.  Many club post their events, picture, and cartoons.  Unlike Facebook, nudity is allowed.  You do not need a twitter account to view posts.  You only need one to tweet comments.  Setting up a twitter account is easy and allows you to access this nudist resource.  We have gained 48 followers since our account was created. 

Niagara Naturists is a AANR non-landed nudist club that is based in Buffalo/western New York region. We are a family oriented group of social nudists affiliated with the American Association for Nude Recreation.

Members of this organization believe in the wholesomeness and natural beauty of the human body. Nude recreation on a nude cruiseWe view nudism as a natural state and believe that nudity is healthy and acceptable for social interaction. We believe nudism results in a positive self image and promotes healthy attitudes towards people as individuals.

Our purpose is to promote social nudism and provide a safe, comfortable environment where families may participate in and enjoy nude recreational and social activities.

Membership is open to couples, families and single adults who agree with the goals and mission of the club and agree to abide by all club guidelines. We have a monthly clothed dinner at a local restaurant. This is where we meet prospective new members and share our nudist experiences. Anybody is welcome to attend. You don't have to be a club member. Feel free to join us. The next time, date, and location is always in the scrolling marquee at the top of every page as well as on our calendar page. You can check out our membership requirements on our membership page.

We meet frequently at members homes for activities or at landed nudist clubs. Although nudity, nude recreation and nude sports are as old as civilization itself, some people don't understand nudist acitivities. Niagara Naturists understands this and because we meet at members homes, we value your privacy. Emails are only used for transacting club business and our newsletters. Names, email addresses, and other personal information is not given out to anybody without permission. Although the membership process and policies may seem complex, Niagara Naturists has worked hard to maintain your privacy.