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February 24, 2019

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Just a quick reminder about our next clothed next Meet and Greet Dinner which will be on March 9th at the Hillview Restaurant which is located at 6135 Transit Road, Depew, NY. They have a private meeting room. We will start at 5:45PM

Anybody can come to our dinner meetings.  You do not have to be a member of the club. Please come, ask questions, and see what the club is all about, socialize and get to know us.  The only cost is your meal and drinks.

We frequently feature articles regarding body acceptance. Body acceptance is an important message from both Niagara Naturists and AANR. Why is body acceptance important. It is important to you! It is important for your mental well being. We try to feature this articles because they are much better writers than we are.  But, we came across a clip of a news story about body shaming that was just amazing. When she had curves, Ariel Winter was told she looked too provocative. Now that she’s lost weight -which she says is a result of changing her anti-depressant - critics are complaining that she's too skinny. Now the Modern Family star is being body-shamed on social media over her - wait for it - feet.

Dozens of people made comments about "Bigfoot" being sighted. (she wears a 6 1/2 shoe size).

First, there must be a lot of people with way too much time on their hands if they are going to make fun of somebody's' feet.

Nudity is good for your own body images.  Several researchers have studied this subject and all agree. Click here to view in browser if picture does not show below.

Goldsmiths Research Questions: Does being naked improve your body image? from Goldsmiths, University of London on Vimeo.

A recent study from the University of London uncovered (heh) the truth about why those people you run into on nude beaches always seem so damn jolly: Being naked around other people may actually increase your self-esteem. The research participants who were naked while hanging with others and/or spending time outdoors had better self-esteem and were happier in general than those who stayed covered up.

The study's authors explain that seeing other people naked was the strongest predictor of increased positive body image for the participants. Just as watching mainstream porn — with its idealized and often unrealistic body standards — may not be great for self-esteem, it makes sense that observing average bodies (frolicking in nature, nonetheless!) may work wonders to achieve the opposite.

Click here for the entire article.