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February 28, 2016

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Society's Messages about Body Image

Society's messages about body image are generally shaped by the media, the beauty industry and outdated notions of health and fitness. These messages define body shape and size as targets for regulation and control. Ironically, a majority of media photos that portray women with perfect bodies that are enhanced by modern technology to achieve the effect, or portray women who may actually be seriously underweight. At best, such figures may be natural for only a small percentage of the population.

It is both unfair and unrealistic to expect everyone to look like these so-called perfect women, but the power of such images remains hard to resist. It may be difficult to give up the pursuit of this mythical perfect body size, even though that pursuit may end up being detrimental to one’s emotional and physical health. Perhaps it would be easier if the ideals were not so tied to our sense of well-being. Perhaps it would be easier if media images did not carry so much aspirational appeal –provoking an atmosphere of envy, intended to motivate people to buy products and services in the hope of attaining those images (Cooke, 1996). Instead, we have multi-million dollar diet, drug, and cosmetic industries waving their products at women (and some men), implicitly saying, Try me, give me your money, and I will promise you eternal happiness.

As nudists, we know that there is no gold standard of beauty. We know that we are more than our physical appearance and every person's body is perfect just the way it is.

Life Changing Clothes Free Moment Shared at Corning NY Tedx
Michelle Wallen details her experience at a clothing-optional resort after struggling with depression, social anxiety, and body image, watch here.


 Our next meeting will be on March 12, 2016 at the Hillview Restaurant which is located at 6135 Transit Road, Depew, NY.  They have a private meeting room and they will give us separate checks. Again, many thanks to Kevin for finding this location.  It worked out well.  The meeting will be at 6:00PM.


Our monthly clothed dinners serve two purposes, one to allow members to keep in touch and share nudist experiences, and two, to meet new prospective members in a clothed environment which allows them to ask questions and get information regarding nude recreation.

Remember, anybody can come to our dinner meetings.  Please come, ask questions, and see what the club is all about.  All are welcome.  We will have membership applications available and also transfer applications if you are already AANR members. Membership is $45.00 for single or $82.50 for couples.  More information regarding membership can be found on our membership web page. 

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