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July 18, 2018

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  • Only 9 days until our weekend at the Nudist Lodge. We recently sent out an email with the directions to people who have made reservations. If you did not get that email, we do not have your reservation.   

nude cabinSome people have expressed concerns about power for such things as CPAP machines. Although there will not be enough power to run an air conditioner in a camper, there is certainly enough power at the Lodge to run a CPAP machine and/or concentrator.

Click here for more information about the nudist weekend at the lodge.

You do not have to be a Niagara Naturists member to attend this event. There are bonfire pits, volleyball, horseshoes, and a game room. It features  an indoor and an outdoor hot tub.


Six Niagara Naturists members took the naked cave tour at Howe Caverns.

Naked Cave

It was a great event. Almost 300 people signed up to go nude spelunking. The tour filled up quickly and many people were turned away. We had an amazing time. Everybody thought they would be cold because the cave is at 52 degrees year round. However, I don't know if it was the adrenaline or excitement, but nobody complained of being cold.

There was a reporter on the tour and he quoted our member, Brenda, in his article. The article can be found here

I handed out several business cards and AANR brochures after the tour.  After the event, a dozen or so of us socialized, naked, in front of the hotel. 

For many of the people, this was their first nudist experience.  Several of them said that they could not believe that they were sitting naked on the benches in front of the motel having a group discussion.

As an added bonus, Sarah Danser, a survivalist from the TV show Naked and Afraid, was at the cavern to sign autographs and later participated in the tour.  As it turned out, she was only a few doors down from us and participated in most of our discussions which lasted well into the next morning. Her Naked and Afraid show can be viewed by clicking here.

Overall, it was a great weekend. More about it in the next newsletter.


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