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October 5, 2019

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    In this issue of Niagara Naturists News, we are welcoming several new people to the newsletter. They signed up at the Howe Cave event. Our Newsletter is designed to give people information about our club activities as well as nudist news. Our message strives to be one of body acceptance and positivity. We are still working on an article about the Howe Cave event.  Hope to have it done shortly.

    We have 22 people signed up for the Nude Thanksgiving Dinner. We need around 30 to make this work.  There is less than a month left until the dinner. We always have a great time. We are still working on an article about the Howe Cave event.  Hope to have it done shortly.

    We set 10/19 as our next Meet and Greet date. That is only two  weeks before our 6th annual Nude Thanksgiving Dinner on 11/2 at the Nudist Lodge.  We have one more clothed Meet and Greet Dinner before the Nude Thanksgiving Dinner.  For more information about the Nude Thanksgiving Dinner at the Nudist Lodge, click here. For a better description of the Nudist Lodge, click here.

    Remember, anybody can come to our dinner meetings.  The only cost is the cost of your meal. Please come, ask questions, and see what the club is all about.  All are welcome.   More information about our Meet and Greet dinners may be found here


"To love oneself allows you to love others and to seek relationships that are healthy and fulfilling" with Dr. Ronna Krozy and Fotis Georgiadis




Ronna E Krozy, EdD, RN. Dr. Krozy (or Ronna), is a retired university professor of community health nursing with a doctoral degree in Health Education. She has lectured and published professionally on many topics related to her field of nursing. She is also a nudist and is a Trustee on the AANR board.
Over a year ago, AANR reached out to Authority Magazine and offered an article regarding body acceptance. They accepted the offer and Ronna wrote an article. Over a year went by and then it was published. It was not quite what Ronna wrote. They deleted all referenceS to nudist and AANR. When Ronna asked what happened, she was told "Some content was removed as they violate Thrive Global's content guidelines ."  Thrive Global seems to be the parent company.  Specifically, according to the editor: "we were not aware that you were going to discuss nudism. Thrive's editors do not allow that discussion on their platform and the content would be deleted, and my column might be shut down as well." 
Ronna's original article:

Learning To Finally Love Yourself


With Bianca Rodriguez




. ___________________________________________________________________________________



As a part of my series about “Learning To Finally Love Yourself” I had the pleasure to interview… 


Ronna E Krozy, EdD, RN. Dr. Krozy (or Ronna) is a retired university professor of community health nursing with a doctoral degree in Health Education.  She has lectured and published professionally on many topics related to her field of nursing.  However, she was interviewed in relation to her activism as a social nudist and her involvement in the American Association for Nude Recreation.


Ronna has been member of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) for over 20 years and a Trustee of the AANR Board since 2016.  She currently serves as the Chair of Public Relations for AANR as well as for the Eastern Region.  As a strong advocate for educating the public about social nudism, she has co-written articles in Natural Awakenings, a holistic health magazine, and has appeared on TV.  She continues to write many articles for The Bulletin, AANR's magazine for members. These include the 7 part series entitled "How Long Should You Wait to Tell the World You're a Nudist?" available to the public on AANR's website


Thank you so much for joining us! I’d love to begin by asking you to give us the backstory as to what brought you to this specific career path.


As a nurse, health educator and parent, I have always believed that the body is an amazing machine and beautiful in the many forms it comes in.  Unfortunately, we live in a society that judges body beauty in ways that are unreachable for the vast majority.  Supermodel images of men and women have made many people...including girls as young as 6!....unhappy with the way they look.


Beginning in the early 1980's, I traveled with a friend to St. Barts in the French West Indies where I discovered toplessness and found it interesting and comfortable (though my friend didn't!).  But my first real experience involved my relationship in the early 90's with a nudist who was a member of Dyer Woods in Rhode Island. Even at my first encounter, surrounded by an array of unclothed people sitting by the pond, I had neither anxiety nor hesitation to become 'one of them.'  And I joined AANR.


Some years later, after meeting the man I would eventually marry, I mentioned that I was a nudist and missed the friends and the way of life I had enjoyed.  Fortunately, he said it wouldn't be a problem. So...I immediately booked visits to a few naturist resorts. My husband was perfectly comfortable. When we visited Solair, a family nudist resort in Woodstock, CT. we fell in love with the place and decided to buy a cabin there. We have remained active members for 17 years.  Our Club requires its members to join AANR, so we both became members.


Involvement with Nudism Advocacy and Public Relations

From almost the beginning of our membership at Solair, I became active in recruitment of members through the Membership Committee and then in public education about nudism via our Marketing, Communications, PR Committee.


In 2005, I agreed to appear in a DVD to be used for advertising purposes.  It was a fun experience although in retrospect, it could have used professional direction.  Several years later, we had the benefit of a PR specialist who subsequently became President of AANR.  This was of tremendous value as I headed up the training sessions for members being interviewed for a televised report about Solair on NBC Channel 30, Hartford.

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