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October 24, 2021

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    Next Meet and Greet
    Comments on That Old Nude vs. Sex Thing

    Next Meet and Greet

    Our next Meet and Greet dinner  will be on 11/13/21 at the Hillview Restaurant which is located at 6135 Transit Road, Depew, NY. They have a private meeting room. We will start at 5:45 PM.

    We are looking at a few places where we may be able to have nude meetings during the winter. If anybody knows of a pool or recreation facility that we might use, let us know.

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    That Old Nude vs. Sex Thing

    By Steve Jacobson

    Assuming that most people who read this blog are nudists, this may be preaching to the choir, but even within the nudist lifestyle there are a lot of people who cannot separate the idea of being nude with the sexual act. Going from club to club, it' truly amazing the different attitudes concerning what is sexual and what is not.

    There are clubs that will not allow anyone to hold hands while being nude. There are clubs that will not allow tattoos or piercings for fear of being too sexual. At some clubs you cannot repeat an "off color" joke, no matter how funny it is. Then there are clubs that require clothing to be worn while dancing. And, of course, there are clubs that promote themselves as sexually open and have no problem with overt sexual activities. Yes, there is a third type of club that has found that balance between being overt sexually or scared to show any sexuality. The fact that you have these three different types of clubs makes it more confusing to separate the idea between being nude and having sex.

    Talk to most anyone who is not a nudist and they will automatically assume that there are some sort of sexual implications associated with being a nudist. Some nudists go overboard trying to deny any sexuality with nudism. Hey folks, we are human and in being so, we are sexual in nature. The fact we are nudist has nothing to do with our natural sexual drive and enjoyment. As nudists, we may be better at controlling any overt sexual advances being more aware of what is appropriate and what is not.

    It is my belief that allowing people to naturally express themselves, whether it be a joke, uttering the occasional expletive, holding hands, or even a kiss or two, is a healthy thing. The key is, that with anything else, moderation is the main factor. We nudists tend to align ourselves with groups around us that make us comfortable. We soon learn what is appropriate and what is not in our group. Find the group, or lifestyle, that suits you and relax and enjoy living.

    It's not the sex that upsets people, it's the implication that you are in a group that condones inappropriate sexual behavior. You can try to explain to non-nudists that being nude and having sex are not the same thing. Whether they listen and change their minds is their problem.

    The point I’m trying to make is that it’s alright to be the sexual human being that we are. Have fun with your sexuality, tell that "dirty joke," go ahead and show some affection with a loved one, and don't be afraid to think "dirty" thoughts. As long as you're mature enough to control your actions regarding what is appropriate and what is not.

    Granted, there are people who don't have that filter in their brain that keeps them for acting like an idiot, they will always be around. But you don't have to live down to their level. Being a nudist is lets us enjoy natural feelings of well-being. Those feeling don’t stop when it comes to our natural sexuality.

    It's the feeling of a sense of freedom that is the hallmark of being a nudist. A certain amount of sexual freedom is included.

    Steve Jacobson is a guest blogger who occasionally contributes articles to the AANR blog.

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