Niagara Naturists News
December 5, 2018

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We hope that everybody had a great Thanksgiving. We were still full from the Niagara Naturists Thanksgiving dinner at the Lodge. No scales for while.

Because of the busy holiday season, we will not have another meet and greet dinner until January. We will be announcing the date shortly. Click here for more information about our Meet and Greet Dinners.

We will spend a great deal of time on body acceptance during the upcoming year.  We know, we just made the statement that we were not going to step on the scales after the Thanksgiving season, but...

Niagara Naturists in an American Association for Nude Recreation Club. (AANR) AANR spend a great dfeal of energy and time promoting body acceptance. One lady told us recently, she would love to come to one of our nudist events, but she would have to lose 40 pounds first. That is not body acceptance.

Here is what one of our AANR members had to say about her experience, "One of the healthiest things I did for myself was to try nude recreation. I quickly learned that being nude is actually quite natural, what you might call a life enhancing experience. Why? Because having gone nude in a social setting, I now accept who I am and feel comfortable with my own body. Experiencing who I am on the inside has become more important to me than what I look like on the outside. Sure, I still enjoy being well groomed, but I no longer feel the stress associated with trying to wear trendy clothes or that I'm not living up to fashion magazine images of what my body is supposed to look like."

Be aware #1 | Naked body acceptance.

Nude odyWe want to be aware, right? How to do it? First of all we need to think about when we are happy? Maybe it is very easy to answer: I am happy when I eat well. I am happy when I have someone who I love. I am happy when I feel fulfillment. I am happy when I have money. The list goes on and on. We know exactly what we want. The thing is how to accomplish it? Throughout my own experiences I would like to publish there major aspects which are disconnecting us from the real source of happiness. So let's get to it straight away. In this first article I'll dig deep in to a first and the key aspect of our life which is - naked body! Yes, yes! You heard me. NAKED BODY. Why is it so important? Click on the picture for the answer and to continue with the article.